Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy

The autologous Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy (DC) is a pioneering immunotherapy to fight cancer.

The basis of this therapy is the activation of the patients immune system through the use of in vitro matured patient-specific dendritic cells. These high specific trained cells correct an error that has previously prevented the immune system from fighting the cancer.

Their general function in the immune system is the antigen recognition and antigen presentation of structures recognized as foreign or degenerated, such as e.g. cancer cells. Their task is then to activate the immune defense by activating natural killer cells to fight the discovered cancer cells.

DC therapy is the epitome of personalized medicine and has no serious side effects from using patient's own cells.

Another advantage of the DC Therapy is that the cells are not attacked by most chemotherapeutic agents and thus a combination would be possible.

Only a small amount of the patient's blood is needed to manufacturing, and his immune system will be able to fight the cancer by his own means.